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Marriage and Covid-19: what to do in 2022

Hard times, the current ones, for relationships. The world health situation forces us to live a daily life that is only a vague projection of the past, a reality made up of distances, dehumanized to the point of feeling a sense of non-belonging, not to assimilate it to our wealth of experiences. There have been many compromises and even more sacrifices, from the most futile to the most important, such as postponing the wedding date.

The coronavirus has forced almost all future spouses to postpone their wedding date to 2021/2022.

However, given the uncertainties surrounding the trend of the epidemiological curve and the rules connected with it, it is legitimate to ask how the day of the great "Yes" will take place (and, therefore, organize itself) next year. Of course, perhaps we will have to give up super crowded parties, but this could be a sort of opportunity to re-evaluate the beauty of a more intimate ceremony, characterized by the love and warmth of close affections. And who says that this cannot be an added value? The feeling of a cozy atmosphere, with guests carefully chosen for the occasion with the heart, will make the wedding a truly unique and special event.

Moreover, opting for a smaller number of guests can have great advantages: you have more types of locations, even unusual and little used, and you can reduce the budget for the reception.

Indulging in creativity, then, attention to detail and the search for exclusive details, the Great Day could exceed any expectation!

Here, then, are some suggestions for a wedding in full compliance with the (possible) regulations without giving up a touch of originality.

Must have: masks.

By now they have become a sort of appendix, it will almost certainly be necessary to wear them also during the 2022 ceremonies. But don't worry: with a pinch of imagination, they could also become a special gift for the guests. Once you have chosen the theme and color of the wedding, just free your imagination and select masks in line with the chosen style to have a “wow” effect in the photos of the reception.

How many guests?

As mentioned, it is right to envisage a more "intimate" marriage, to avoid running into problems due to contingent entries and distancing. However, a ceremony with few guests does not mean that it should not be "grand"; all the more reason, it will be possible to devote extreme attention to the attention to details that will make the day unforgettable. On the other hand, many have always chosen intimate and private weddings, close to the people they really love. A tip: focus on personalized gadgets, original decorations and think ad hoc on the style of the wedding: you will create an incomparable atmosphere!


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