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As little as possible, you do not like it…neither do we. Let’s say that of all the photos taken on the wedding day, only a small part will require some posing. We will anyway take pictures of every moment of your special day in the most artistic way possible, making sure you don’t even notice our presence. This will make your photos look natural and never forced.

Reportage. We love spontaneous and natural photography with no posing. However, we can also take some “prepared” shots for greater impact. Generally, the “posed” shots are a small part of the whole service.

Yes, we can travel. We can shoot anywhere you want, in Naples, Italy or even overseas. We only ask for travel and, if necessary, accommodation cost reimbursement

It really depends on the wedding date. In “low season,” 4-5 months may be enough. In “high season” (July or September) up to a year and a half in advance.

Yes, we do. We also offer a standard and/or drone video recording service as well as  printing services. We can also arrange video and photo projections ( to be shown at the moment of the cake cutting), with the videos and photos taken during the same day.

Being a member of the Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Matrimonialisti (National Wedding Photographer Association) means offering our clients extra guarantees and high-quality services.

We don’t actually have a rule. Our priority is to make the service excellent, therefore as many as it takes to ensure that. It is not the number of photographers that makes the difference, but their skills. Ten average photographers are much worse than a single good photographer.

Absolutely, the preparation of the groom holds the same emotions and importance as that of the bride, so there is no reason not to follow it unless the groom himself prefers not to. We will follow you throughout the day, but always discreetly. We will be, as much as possible, “invisible”.

Of course, you will be protected in every way. Even the price that you agree with us will be undersigned so that transparency is guaranteed.

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