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For each story, its own album.

The quality of Made in Italy meets our attitude to elegance.
Yet there is still one touch missing: the taste of our customers, so that everything will be about their story and their story only. 


The outer covering is the feature that most markedly distinguishes each album. For this reason, we offer customers a carefully screened selection, in full respect of our identity but in any case wide and as such to satisfy specific tastes. Optionally, you can opt for types of fabrics such as leather, hemp, velvet, saffiano.

copy of the album for parents
wooden wedding photo album box set made in Italy

Memories to treasure

A box coordinated with the fabric chosen for the album will keep your memories safe. 

For families, the main guarantors of the union between two people, we have thought of a reduced-format reproduction of the album with qualities similar to that created for the newlyweds, so that they too can preserve the beauty of which, of course, they were promoters.


finishing of the wedding photo album cover


To ensure a luxurious paratex, we print our photographs on silk photo paper, supported by Fedrigoni 250 paper. The customer can chose between a flyleaf in black and white and a production in Fine Art. 

wedding photo album format


Our clients can chose between two different measures of album: 35x25 cm or 40x30cm. The choice of such proportions derives from aesthetic needs, because we mostly take the landscape pictures, as well as convenient to the reportage style. 

wedding photo album with a wide choice of fabrics. the fabric used in this album is a teal green velvet


Our main goal is that each service must be unique and adherent to specific qualities of each wedding. For this reason, we give the chance to engrave the cover with an everlasting seal. Eternal like your story. 

album format.

Curious to see an example of a layout? 

detail of wedding photo album


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