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our office.
the sacred heart symbol of Naples. detail photo
here we meet our couples.
golden leaf

Identity, warmth and elegance.

Welcomed in the studio, the client must have a clear idea of our attitude: attention to detail, the search for the characterizing detail. And, above all, the study of balance and the love for all that is natural.
The composition of the furnishing elements responds to specific objectives: to refine the relationship between the environments, to blur the demarcation between one area and another through a stylistic coherence, in full respect of our personality. A harmonious whole, therefore, where the cold shades of the walls are offset by the gold finishes, where iron is combined with wood and the tools of the trade coexist with plants and symbols, resulting in their enhanced value.

Our Studio, our Home

Our studio. Our house. With the help of the 400GON team of architects, we have created an elegant and welcoming space for our clients to spend their appointment in maximum comfort. The full satisfaction and esteem of those who rely on us is of primary importance, which is why we want the first meeting to take place in an environment capable of expressing our character and at the same time transmitting a strong sense of serenity and trust. In short, home. For us and to trust us to cover an important stretch of life.

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