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Yes, it is. During this hard times Nando Spiezia and his team are absolutely scrupulous in adopting all those preventive measures, both hygienic health and interpersonal distance.

As matter of fact to demonstrate our closeness to customers we guarantee the possibility of postponing the wedding date with all the agreed services.

Due to the pandemic (Covid-19) it is possible to postpone the wedding date and the agreed services?

As less as possbile. We love spontaneity and the natural gestures; we are able to capture the highlights of a wedding while remaining at the edge of the scene, so that our presence does not stiffen or force the action. The result will be something surely artistic but also a product that respects the classic nature of a wedding service and the expectations of the bride and groom.

During the photo shoot, is it necessary to pose?

What qualifies us is the aptitude for REPORTAGE. We document the natural unfolding of the ceremony to provide snapshots that respect the truth of the events, without ever intruding or setting the scene, except, of course, for specific requests from the bride and groom or technical circumstances that require a few moments of “posing”.

What is Nando Spiezia Photography’s style?

We can travel to any location required: in Naples, Italy or even abroad. We will ask to the client only the reimburse travel and, if necessary, accomodation costs.

What territory do you operate in? Are you willing to travel?

The minimum notice, negotiation and organisation time depends on the date of the wedding: if the wedding is scheduled in the low season, 4-5 months may be sufficient, whereas in the high season (July to September) it is not uncommon to need up to a year and a half in advance.

How far in advance is it necessary to contact you?

In order to meet the particular expectations of our clients, who differ in their needs and tastes, we have devised a wide range of services, ranging from photo shoots (with print or digital rendition, the duration of which can be customised by prior arrangement) to video recording and the use of a drone. There are two types of drone service: STANDARD, where we start filming from the bride’s entrance into the church until the end of the buffet; and FULL, which instead covers the celebration until the cutting of the cake. On request, it is also possible to take photos. We would like to point out that the drone pilot is an ENAC-recognised operator and that the equipment will always be kept at a safe distance so to protect our customers and not to affect their serenity.

Besides shooting, what other services do you offer?

Never more than two. In order to guarantee the utmost excellence and the safe presence of a photographer already known to the bride and groom, the wedding will be attended by one of the two available teams from our photographic studio.

How many weddings are followed per day?

The photos selection is at the discretion of the photographer’s artistic flair, who documents the wedding according to a precise narrative scheme that respects the diachrony of events.

Despite this, to ensure a full satisfaction we always consult our clients (in person or via video call) at the layout stage so that they can choose from a range of images proposed by the photographer. If the agreed service includes the album, shipping is possible.

How is the album created? Is it possible to personalise it? Can it be sent if the client lives far from the photographic studio?

Yes, it is possible. For those who do not want a print service, Nando Spiezia Photography provides a digital gallery containing the high-resolution images selected by the photographer and arranged according to a precise narrative sequence, reflecting the natural and most evocative course chosen to describe the wedding.

Is it possible to choose the photo service without printing?

Being a member of the National Association of Wedding Photographers means that we offer our clients extra and certified guarantees. As well as high quality services.

What does it mean to be a member of ANFM?

In order to tell the story of the wedding day in the best possible way, we follow the whole story

from the dressing of the groom, then the bride, to the celebration of the union, the description of

the newly consecrated couple, the photography of the location and finally the party. In general, the

photo shoot ends 30 minutes after the cutting of the cake, unless prior arrangements have been

made, which is always possible in order to fully meet the client’s expectations.

What are the moments that are immortalised during the day? Do you follow the preparation of both the bride and the groom?

Of course. The contract is a safeguard for both parties and puts in writing everything agreed upon

during the appointment. The contract will be valid from the moment the customer pays the agreed


Do we have to sign a contract if we choose you as our photographer?

Do you need more informations? Click here and download our pdf

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