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editorial photos of a couple

 Is it one living creature,
Which separated in itself?
Or Are they two, who choose themselves,
To be recognized as one?

(JW Goethe, Ginkgo Biloba) 

A lymph in which coexists two different essences. Two people, two plots ready to combine together in a single wrap. Our journey stars from the groom’s dressing. Discreetly, we follow the trace: everything that has been, everything that is we find it in the smile addressed to a parent as he orders the neck of his shirt, in the knowing look to a relative or to a friend, in the veiling of the eyes, in the sketched smile of those who try to compress in themselves an irrepressible feeling.  In full respect of our vision, we capture these pure moments without disturb the natural order of the events; each frame is a candid shot, which means, an image aimed at fixing emotions that have arisen instinctively, thus capable of challenging the limits of time. 



Two bodies, one soul .

The leaf is the best form of the opening: it opens to the sun, to the weather, to the change. It is like life that can be crossed by shocks without being destroyed. It is something so simple and so beautiful just as the things that happen naturally, without obstacles. From here our concept is born, from this botanical image, mainly in the bilobate, heart-shaped perimeter of Ginkgo Bilboa, symbol of durability and eternity, symbol of two entities that gradually intertwave the path until their essence falls into a single lymph.
This is what we want to do: to celebrate throught frames the spontaneous moments that lead two bodies to become one soul. 

To witness the newlyweds dressing means to have the privilege to get close to the private nucleus of their affections, to glimpse all the unspoken words into their movements. Some things are too big to fully manifest themselves….like how can we describe a woman’s heart who, on the big day, is reflected in the eyes of her loved ones? Yet, that is our goal, trying to capture those feelings taking advantage of the brightness of the topical moments. Among these, we pay special attention to the bride when she abandons herself to the care of her bridesmades, partners and guardians of the previous and the upcoming life, real witnesses ad honorem of the wedding.


Every moment of the ceremony strongly marks its solemnity: she who move forward towards her future husband and he who is waiting for her and is holding her up even if their still far. Next to the groom his witnesses already prepared to guard the sincerity of the wedding vow. Shortening distances, the tears held in the front row, And then, the most awaited moment: the one in which the bride’s hand touch her future husband. In order to be not a distraction, we chose and recommend the newlyweds to enable us to capture the most important moments of the cerimony, such as the entrance and the exit from the location, which we recomment to choose in the vicinity of the party to ensure maximum fluidity as the day unead. 


When you realize that you want to spend the rest of your life with a person, you want the rest of your life to start immediately. The moment that follows the ceremony is an exclusive tribute to lovers, to the one who are now conscious about the fact that they have found the love of their life, someone who complete them, someone to walk with in silence hand in hand; now their separate stories flow into a unique time and it is our duty to tell it by letting them feel free to open themselves to emotions in the most genuine way possible. Moreover, the choice to film the newlyweds alone has a strategic motivation, because it gives to the guests enough time to prepare a proper welcome on their return.  

True love

The choice of where celebrate the “yes,i do” day is never easy, cause you have to satisfy your high expectation, and also your guests ones. The newlyweds look for the perfect place, a setting that inspire them. A magic place that will belong to them forever. Based on our experience, we suggest also the celebration of the wedding far from home, perhaps abroad. So that the choice would be made for taste, sensitivity and personal provisions. 


The party is surely the most awaited moment of that day, cause that’s the moment when newlyweds and guests celebrate love, without following typical rituals. For us, this is the ideal moment to capture the maximum spontaneity of guests. Our eyes investigate in search of the unique and unrepeatable detail to give it to the memory the exact shape of that day, of those many irregular beats, of the expansion of the heart, of the precipitation of two souls in a body. The perfect shape of falling into love. 


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