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Nando Spiezia


The desire to discover, the desire of giving emotions, the pleasure of shooting: photography is for me a necessary action, a need. No matter who’s the subject, i am moved by the impulse to find the smallest details, that particulairty that the moving eye cannot grasp because it is distracted and unable to enlarge it, it is unable to give it the space of an entire page in the history of that moment. It is my way to get in touch with the world and talk about it without wandering, straight to the essence. Taking a picture is not a simple form of art, for me it is a way of living, putting on the same line the head, eyes and heart. 

portrait of nando spiezia, photographer specialized in destination weddings

You have to be inspired to inspire, to approach to the world completely confident in its ability to move to tears and grasp the infinite range of hidden feeling beyond gestures. Nando Spiezia Photography is born like this: from the desire of giving emotions documenting emotions. Simply.
Our work is a journey that we face by your side with discretion and professionalism. Our tools are concentration, eye and time. And in the middle of our viewfinder you. All day long, for the most beautiful 

When passion, skills, empathy and sympathy come together into one professionist, then here he is, the right photographer. At least for us, that was our case when we met and chose Nando Spiezia. Extreme quality in the shooting and attention to the final result of the product once printed. Thanks to him our are not only photographs with subjects, but pictures full of harmony and emotions. There is all the soul of that day. Nando Spiezia has not been only a photographer, but a real storyteller. 

Sympathy, competence and empathy: these are Nando’s quality that impressed us since our first meeting. Nando has been able to be a discreet and never bulky “orchestral director”: he has masterfully managed the scanning of the times, allowing us to fully enjoy every single moment. Thanks to his sympathy every tension moment was lighten, every smile was natural and his camera was always ready to immortalize every unique moments for us. We truly wished that our wedding photoshoot could help us to live again all the emotions of that day in reportage style and Nando and Ivan succeeded in this intent: rewatching our photos and videos we really feel the immense joy of that day, breathing again that happy atmosphere!
Every snapshot is so natural, spontaneous and elegant. We want to say thank you Nando for you incredible empathy, a quality that enabled you to know us beyond every word said, we could not have wished for more.  P.S Nando and his team deserve praise for the outfit used during the wedding too, elegant and in vintage style that “married” perfectly with our wedding. 

When we contacted Nando Spiezia we warned him that we were very demanding and that we were sure about one thing “everything had to be perfect”. We agreed all the details together, he guided us like a lighthouse that helps the boats to return to the safe harbor. He takes care of everything even the smallest details that in the end can make a great difference. When the day of “yes, i do”  comes Nando and his team were wondeful, present, kind, nice, polite, professional, patients and exceptional with their work. The final result was a film, an amazing day reported in a truthful way, capturing the atmosphere and the good vibes. Thank you.







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