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blurry photo to highlight the sea of ​​a wedding held in Sorrento at the Cocumella

Fabio and Mariacristina

Location - Grand Hotel La Cocumella

In the setting of the cloister of San Francesco in Sorrento, Fabio and Mariacristina promised each other eternal love.

Amidst the shining eyes of relatives and the eloquent glances of close friends, they exchanged precious and powerful words.

They made us realize that love in spite of everything always succeeds in triumphing, and is often reflected in the very eyes of those who look at us, those who participate in the celebration of that triumph that day.

The dinner was held on the enchanting terrace of Grand Hotel La Cocumella, one of the most important and renowned hotels on the Sorrento coast. 

Under a starry sky and with a breathtaking view, friends and family danced with the bride and groom and toasted to the conclusion of a day full of emotions.

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