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editorial wedding photo taken during the bride's preparation. the bride is in a dressing gown with her bridesmaids

Martin and Kelly

Location - Villa Milu

In the evocative setting of the Amalfi Coast, a Scottish couple chose Villa Milù in Praiano as the setting for their intimate wedding. Between the cliffs overlooking the sea and the sky painted in pastel shades, the special day came to life with an intimate and enveloping atmosphere.

The ceremony saw the spouses pronounce their vows of love in the tranquility of the villa, surrounded by the beauty of Mediterranean nature. The intimacy of the moment was accentuated by the sea breeze and the waves caressing the coast.

The reception, organized with attention to detail, transformed Villa Milù into a welcoming and charming space, where guests enjoyed local delicacies and toasted the couple's future. The warm light of the sunset then painted the sky with romantic shades, sealing the wedding in an indelible memory of love, simplicity and beauty on the Amalfi coast.

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