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entrance of the bride into the Amalfi cathedral with her father

Pietro and Marina

Location - Villa Cimbrone

The Cathedral of Amalfi, with its majestic presence, witnessed the sacred bond of two hearts in love in an unforgettable wedding. The ceremony, steeped in romance, enveloped the spouses in a magical atmosphere, with the golden light of the sun filtering through the ancient windows, blessing the eternal love that had just consolidated.

The celebration then moved to the sumptuous Villa Cimbrone, an enchanting location that framed the party with its timeless beauty. Nestled among lush gardens and panoramic terraces overlooking the blue sea of the Amalfi Coast, the villa provided the perfect backdrop for an elegant and romantic reception.

The spouses chose to share this special day with friends and family, creating moments of joy and emotion that will remain imprinted in everyone's hearts. The sound of laughter, the scent of fresh flowers and the warmth of affection made this wedding in Amalfi an unforgettable experience, engraved in the memory of those who were lucky enough to participate.

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