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Ritratto sposa durante un momento di relax

Michele and Maria

In a picturesque setting of Sicily, Michele and Maria chose Tenuta Cala Muletti in Terrasini to celebrate their dream wedding, transforming the event into an enchanting destination wedding. The estate, surrounded by the sea and breathtaking landscapes, created a magical and romantic environment, the ideal place to unite their love. The special day was a hymn to love, with the couple saying their vows under a blue sky and the sun gently kissing Sicily.

The atmosphere was pervaded by sincere emotions and the contagious joy of the guests. The reception at Tenuta Cala Muletti offered an unforgettable culinary experience, with the delicacies of Sicilian cuisine that delighted the palates of all those present. The evening was spent with wild dancing and moments of intimacy, creating indelible memories of a wedding immersed in love, the beauty of Sicily and the hospitality of Tenuta Cala Muletti.

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